Brief History 

Michael G. Maness ran for Pct. 2 J.P. in 2014, won the primary, lost the runoff by a hair to his long-time friend, Greg Dawson (R.I.P.).   I desire to serve as J.P. much as I have served in many clubs, orgs, and activities over the last 25 years in Tyler County.

I have served all my life.  I promise a good, honest, caring work ethic.

Resume - 25 years in Precinct 2

U.S. Air Force - veteran

News Texan - computer ad creation

Magnum Security - Private Security

Smith Protective - Private Security

Texas Dept. Human Services - CPS

Shannon Memorial Hospital - Chaplain

Tyler County Booster - Staff Writer

Angelina College - Taught Computer

Texas Dept. Criminal Justice - Chaplain

Building a Better Future

Deciding to run for Justice of the Peace was based upon wanting to make a difference in how people's voices are heard and needs are met.  Maness' love for the community is what drives him and his background is what makes him a good choice.   Michael G. Maness looks at serving the public less as a career and more as a precious, trusted honor.

School & Training

Worked way through college and earned CHEA accredited B.A., Masters, Doctorate

1,600 Clinical Training - ACPE

Suicide Crisis Intervention - several

Post-Traumatic Stress Counseling - several

10+ yrs Tae Kwon Do - almost brown belt

40+ yrs Baptist Church leaderhip & service

20+ yrs Woodville Lions Club

Tyler County Art League - member from start